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Your Claim

As the owner of your vehicle, you will need to contact your insurance company first, to report the accident. Once you have made that contact, T.A.C.S. will handle all the details of your claim.

Here are a few points to keep in mind about the Claims process:

Reporting your Claim: Call your insurance company or agent as soon as possible after the loss to avoid any unnecessary delays. If they give you a claim number, remember to write it down and bring it with you to our shop. This will make it easier and faster for us to work with your insurance company. It is also a good idea to write down the name and the phone number of the person that you talked to.

Insurance Company: T.A.C.S. has programs with several insurance companies that allow us to write the estimates for your vehicles damage. For other companies, the insurance company will appraise your vehicles damage and write the estimate. They may do this at your home, office or at a drive in center. If additional accident related damage is found, T.A.C.S. service managers will contact and work with your insurance company to have any additional damages appraised. CLICK HERE FOR MORE INFORMATION ON ESTIMATES

Payment for Repairs: Usually, T.A.C.S. will bill the insurance company directly for their portion of the repairs. Some companies will mail the payment directly to your home. When your vehicle is completed, you will need to bring payment to cover your deductible and the insurance company check if it was mailed to you. Please remember that every claim is different. T.A.C.S. managers will be more than happy to answer any questions that you have regarding payment for your specific claim.

Total Loss?
It is usually the cost of repairs that determines if your vehicle is a total loss, not whether or not your vehicle can be repaired. Each insurance company has their own formula that is used to make this decision. CLICK HERE FOR MORE INFORMATION

Billing & Payments
Most payments for repairs are in two parts. There is the portion that comes from the insurance company and the amount that the customer pays which is usually their deductible. CLICK HERE FOR MORE INFORMATION



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